About Us



Hi there hoomans and my beautiful fury friends, my name is Charlie Brown, C.E.O & C.P.T (Chief Product Tester) of 1PetNation! We are a family-owned, monthly pet subscription box for dogs designed to provide you and your pup with a blend of fun and functionality in each delivery!


Our story began when my hoomans adopted me in July 2020. They began by buying all the basics from department and online stores, but I started to get bored with my toys and decided to chew on their shoelaces instead. Then they decided to try subscription boxes so that I could have more toys to play with and have something to look forward to every month. It became such a thrill looking out for a monthly box of surprises that I absolutely fell in love with the process and decided to create my very own.


There is a whole industry of products designed to improve or enhance a dog’s lifestyle and sometimes it is difficult to try new things because it is both costly and you are not always sure what to get! Our subscription box unites all paws under four main principles: Fun, tasty nutrition, cognitive/physical development & family bonding. Our goal at 1PetNation is to provide you and your dog with a well-rounded and super fun experience each month, to help take the guesswork out of treating your pup to all the best spoils.


I've spent countless hours testing the toys, treats and accessories along with a critical team of puppies & dogs of all shapes and sizes so I'm certain you're going to love what we have to share with you every month no matter how big or small you are. Let us help take the guesswork out of shopping for your pet and we promise that it will be something you will never regret!

Charlie Brown



Chief Product Tester